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      I have been looking at building a CNC router for long time, and had worked on many 3D models, until I came across the V-Slot. I decided to start one.

      Looking at the wonderful work done buy others, I thought there is not much to add. Starting the 3D model showed there is a lot of enhancement that can be done.

      I decided to build all in Aluminum and decided to get a ready plate kit from Robert Hummel, then I noticed there are some modifications that worth looking at these are:
      1. To get the most of the desktop CNC we must try to use each mm, so deciding the position of the limit switches have great impact on the result, the limit switches are actually built into the plates. The dead length of the X and Y axis is as low as 125mm(62.5 at each side).
      2. I noticed all placing the motor very high above the Track, this will cause most of the tension force in the belt to act on the motor bearing (the cosine component acts downwards, sine component cancel each other). So I lowered the motor as much as possible to reduce this force.
      3. All are using GT3, 20 Teeth Pulley, I decided to use 16 Teeth (the smallest you can get for if your bore is 6.35mm), this will help in:
        • Lowering the motor (shaft center aligned with the wheels center.
        • Improving the resolution of positioning by 20%.
      4. Using NEMA 17 motor with 200 TR8x8 ACME Lead Screw, eliminates the need for spacers and collars.
      5. Using anti backlash nut increased repeatability of Z-Axis, yet it requires full redesign to the Z-Axis.

      Specification of the final prototype (16/09/2015)

      1- 1000x800 Foot Print.
      2- PID Controlled 450W Spindle.
      3- USB/Stand alone mode of operation (SD-CARD with LCD to select job files).
      4- Slotted Aluminium Bed.
      5- Linear Bearing Z Axis.
      6- 12mm AL6061 side plates (Black Anodized).

      See first cut tests here
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    Inspired by

    the OX
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