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      After allot of back and forth with Open Builds support I knew this was a great company. The where very responsive to all of my questions. I ordered the Acro 1010 Kit with Black Box and 2 extra limit switches. I made a special request to have them cut the y rails to 32 " This would leave me an inside work area of approx. 24"x 30". This order came promptly and was packaged well. I followed the instructional video on line which was very good. Once I got all my parts in place it was time to fire it up with the Open Builds controller and depicted in the build video from OB.

      She is Alive but it was obvious I needed to get into the GRBL setting and change some settings right off the bat. Both the x and the y where running in the opposite direction compared to the controller buttons.

      I would highly recommend printing out the GRBL V 1.1 Configuration document and look it over. It has allot of great info that ties directly into the open builds controller GRLB settings tab. Once I had reviewed this document it was easy to understand what I needed to do.


      I selected the Acro 1010 configuration and went from there. there are several config settings you will need to pay attention to ensure they are set correctly. Remember that this selection doesn't set all the settings you will need. Don't assume you are ready to go just by selecting the type of kit your purchased.

      A note about the assembly video
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        Study the GRBL Guide, It will help you allot and take your machine to another level.
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    I'm very new to Lasers but built my own CNC and wanted to build a setup for my laser. When you build it you know it from top to bottom!

    Inspired by

    How Responsive Open Builds was with my questions and the completness of there build vids made my my mind up.
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