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      Someone donated a E3D Volcano to me (http://e3d-online.com/Volcano/V6-VOLCANO-POWER-PACK-175-UNIVERSAL-24V) and with a super hotend like that, it feels like a waste to stick it into a small 3D printer. So I decided I want a 320x220mm (XY) machine, 200mm Z is plenty for me

      A friend of mine also owes me a favour, I let him borrow a CO2 laser tube for a few weeks (he runs a sign shop and would have lost a bit of profit while waiting for a replacement) - so instead of my usual method of going for sheetmetal, this one is for a change designed to be CO2 lasercut from 6mm material (MDF, Ply, Acrylic, your choice) so I can cash in that favour.

      The screenshot shows the configuration using 8mm smooth rods on Y, BUT I did add some M5 holes along the side as well (centerline 34mm down from the top edge) so you could mount some 20x20mm V Slot instead...

      See the repo on https://github.com/openhardwarecoza/EvitaBot for all the dxfs, sketchup, firmware, slic3r and electronics
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