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      Pending Parts List
      1. 45x45 heavy wall aluminum extruded fame
      2. Custom made 6061 aluminum frame brackets using 8mm bolts to hold it all together
      3. 12mm linear shafts for z-axis with dual linear ball bearings
      4. (4) z-axis high torque stepper motors
      5. (2) to (4) volcano bowden extuders
      6. 47" x 42" 0.1875" aluminum build plate
      7. (2) Custom bed heaters

      I am looking for a board that supports (4) z-axis steppers and possibly (4) extruders. Any help would be appreciated.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - No Derivs - CC BY NC ND

    Reason for this Build

    The reason for the large build plate is to produce replica and futuristic weapons.
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