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Live D-bot build at MRRF 2017 (Mar 25-26)

Mar 21, 2017
H-Bot and Core XY
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

I will be attending the 2017 Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) with a small team of printer enthusiasts with a goal to fully assemble a Core-XY D-bot onsite during the event. This is our first attempt at building a D-bot and we will be learning things as we go. Our hope is to have the entire machine assembled, wired, and functional (at least to the setup and testing phase) before the end of the show. Please attend and watch us in person or visit our feed channel during/after the event.

Live C-Beam Build @ MRRF2018

Mar 26, 2018
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
Build Progress
Build Complete!

Contained within are links to our OpenBuilds sponsored C-beam Machine live build taking place at MRRF 2018 (Midwest Reprap Festival) on March 24 and 25, 2018. There will also be some build images and a few 3D printed STL items that were added.

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