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      This project is an attempt to build a unique experimental 3D printer with these specific goals:

      - it should be compact. Large bed with long printing time 24++ hr is really not practical (for DIY) and bigger mechanic leads to a harder tuning process.
      - it should focus on PLA / PVA dual non bowden extruder. The pressure and hysteresis in the bowden tube is hard to predict and this project aim to avoid that headache. PLA/PVA is the only way for FDM printer to produce literally any geometry
      - it should uses no custom CNC parts to build the printer. Anyone with access to 3D printer should be able to build this printer. As a result there will be a lot of Openbuilds parts....

      Progress rendering:
      [6/30/17] - Y Z and X partially assembled, missing one more Z tower

      [7/13/17] - finished overall assembly
      ZideX - front view1.png
      ZideX - front view.png ZideX - overview.png

      This section saved for Y axis development:
      Prusa i3 arguably has the most common 3D printing bed size. well I find that I actually very rarely print at that size. most of my print actually fit in my palm size. So, the C-Beam Gantry Plate - XLarge seem to be the perfect fit and thus this Y bed is design around this plate.

      I also want the bed to be removable for those low print that could be difficult to remove. the use of double XLarge allow the top plate to be removed by M5x8 screw there are 4 M5 tapped holes on the plate.

      The recommended print surface is Zebra skin from Printinz. This has been tested for durability and I like it very much. Blue painter tape is too easy to rip.

      bed y4.png
      bed y3.png bed y1.png bed y.png

      See yup this is big enough

      This section saved for X axis development:
      The x carriage will be moving fast and rapid in an overhang arm. So, weight will be a factor. I have tried bowden and had some success but my conclusion is avoid if possible. I know adding direct motor to the x carriage will have severe impact on X travel speed so I came up with a way to separate the Motor from hotend but still in the same axis; it's a parallel X arm connected to the same Z carriage :)

      Here's my initial sketch:

      Followed by rendering
      X arm 1.png X arm 3.png X arm 2-1.png X arm 2.png

      Belt x axis length 780mm give or take. path shown below
      X belt path.png X belt path1.png

      This section saved for Z axis development:
      The z tower uses the stock openbuilds nema 17 lead screw actuator as base design. I modified the motor placement to the side to save space so it doesn't protrude beyond the top of the printer. This is a good opportunity to use reduction pulley. I have chosen to use 40teeth and 20teeth reduction. With a regular 1.8deg motor, this will increase the Z resolution of Tr8*8 lead screw to a factor of 0.02mm per full step so the optimal z layer height for printing would be in a factor of 20 micron

      I don't recommend the use of 0.9deg to drive the Z axis. the overhang arm carrying all that X component perhaps would be too heavy given that generally 0.9deg will have a lower torque than 1.8deg. Plus there really isn't any practical benefit of the increase in resolution 0.9deg motor can offer since we already get good resolution with combination of 1.8deg and pulley reduction

      This arrangement yield printable volume of 125 x 125 x 150mm
      ZideX - Z motor assembly1.png
      Z height list.JPG

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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    to have fun :)

    Inspired by

    Indie I2, Bukito and all other crane style 3d printer that I don't remember the name
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