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      For me is a laser very usefull - engrave things, cut balsawood, tatto jeans .....
      So I update my 3D Printer - Big Size with a Laser.

      Here two Videos how it works:

      My controller board "Echinus" has only free digital outputs, but for the PWM I need a analog output.
      This analog output I generate with an Ardurino Nano and a Potentiometer. With the potentiometer I can adjust the laser power (0 - 255 steps) and the Echinus board swith the PWM on (M3) and off (M5).

      20160716_114541.jpg 20160716_114551.jpg 20160716_114602.jpg 20160716_114603.jpg 20160716_114621-1.jpg 20160716_114634.jpg

      Here the wiring schematic:
      The Arduino sketch "Poti" can be download at "Files" folder.
      Arduino Nano - PWM for a Laser with a Poti.jpg

      For easy removal of the laser I have installed a socket, so it can be switch fast between 3D print and laser.

      20160716_133313.jpg 20160716_133249.jpg 20160716_133232.jpg 20160716_114716.jpg 20160716_125555.jpg 20160716_134853.jpg


      20160716_125609.jpg 20160716_123148.jpg 20160716_133101.jpg 20160716_132932.jpg Inkscape - Dornen.PNG Repetier Host - Dornen.PNG
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