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      I took a little over a year break from my build, I had a big remodel project going on that's finally winding down. I have been hitting it pretty hard the last several weeks and will try and update my build over the next couple of weeks.

      This is my first attempt building anything CNC, and I'm more of a dive in and figure things out as I go kind of guy. First and foremost I want to thank everyone that has posted on this site you made it very easy for me to decide to finally get off my butt and build my own CNC router. I also want to thank Mark Carew and the great videos documenting his OX build. I will try and do this site justice and document my build and pay forward what I have learned from all of you.

      First things first do a lot of browsing through this site and follow the links. I made a comment early I read through all of the posts on Marks build, it may seem like overkill but there is a wealth of information and for me and was well worth the time spent reading. trust me as you're working on your project you'll find yourself going back through trying to find that one post to help you get past a problem you're having, I have done this on several occasions.

      Openbuilds Parts store - For the most part this is just about everything right out of Marks parts list, I'm going to build this bigger than what Mark shows in the video 1500 x 1500

      Aluminum plates were ordered from Chris Laidlaw - Great quality I highly recommend his work


      NEMA 23 motors
      image.jpeg image.jpeg

      Xpro from Spark Concepts

      image.jpeg image.jpeg

      Xpro Lives!!!!!!!


      24v Power Supply

      image.jpeg image.jpeg

      If using this type of power supply protect the driver board using a TVS Diode and 15 amp fuse.

      Two pin and four pin connectors


      Cutting aluminum extrusions - cuts aluminum like butter! I recommend setting up your saw and do some test cuts in wood to make sure everything is square and true before you try cutting your extrusions.


      For tapping the extrusions some type of cutting fluid is a must, what I found works the best and doesn't make a big mess is wax I you can buy wax ring for sealing a toilet. It may sound weird but it worked great.


      I got my electronics working, one word of advice when you think you have checked everything check it again. I had a couple of the wires from the control board to the connectors mis wired and I spent a couple of days thinking the board was smoked. I tested all Axis and I can command the motors to move.

      IMG_7080.JPG IMG_7082.JPG IMG_7083.JPG

      I decided to mount my electronics box on a TV mount I cut the board out on the router. First real cut that actually had a use, everything fit perfect. I used a scrap piece of OSB I may cut this out of something a little nicer at a later date.


      Tomorrow I will be drilling holes for my vacuum table as well as surfacing the table.

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