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    1. blindflight
      5 /5,
      Morning, this is a fanatic build the way you designed this machine. Looking forward to more pictures and its creations..
      1. Serge E.
        Serge E.'s Response
        (darn iPad 1 - or my fingers, keep typing "b" instead of a space, sorry)
      1. Serge E.
        Serge E.'s Response
        Thanks. I've been known to getblostbin details ...
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Love the way this build is set up for a shop where space is limited. You can still see all the action without taking up too much space. Thank you for shaing
      1. Serge E.
        Serge E.'s Response
        Well, the wife didn't give me much choice ... The garage HAS to have room for her car (and comfortably getting in and out of the car and garage) ;) I might build up the width of the table so myOX doesn't look like it will fall off BUT mostly to eventually add a machine wide shield so I don't end up outside the garage in dead of winter so chips don't bury the wife's car. ;)
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