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    1. Sstahley
      5 /5,
      Looks like it's been a while but had to say it's wonderful.I've built several and a few from scratch (no kit or plans) so I know how much u must have put into it to get such a clean and finished build. Not to mention awesome smooth performance. Thanks for sharing!!
    2. Francisco Angelini
      Francisco Angelini
      5 /5,
      Amazing project, my printer will be from your project, thx. Angelini.:
    3. abazabba
      5 /5,
      Im almost done building this printer, its an easy printer to build, and seem super precise . big thanks
    4. carl
      5 /5,
      fantastic build! I would like to build this Thank you for sharing
    5. maxoutny
      5 /5,
      Really like it, just ordered all parts and finished printing plastic parts. Thank you for sharing your hard work!
      1. skarab
        skarab's Response
        Ho really! Great, looking forward to it.
    6. Robert Hummel
      Robert Hummel
      5 /5,
      Awesome design :) I think I know what printer I would like to build ;)
    7. blindflight
      5 /5,
      Really clean and efficient build !!
      1. skarab
        skarab's Response
        Thank you very much for your review :)