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      InDoreXY - A large scale CoreXY style printer just 'small' enough to get in through doorways. (Get it?)
      My goal was to design a large 3D printer, that i could still move into different rooms if needed, for less than $1000. Turns out, that price-point is really hard to hit, and I'm just a hair over without yet counting all of the fasteners and heating elements for a bed, but there is room to save still. This build is in the design phase, with just a few odds and ends to clear up with some cost vs performance decisions. See more in discussion section about that. Here are the current specs:
      Outer Dimensions of Printer: 27.4" x 34.1" x 59"
      Build Volume: Roughly 19.5" x 24" x 48"
      4 Motors: Nema17 62ozin for X, Y, Nema17 30ozin for Extruder, Nema23 169oz in for Z Axis, all .9 deg step
      controller: Duetwifi (figure the 2.4a per driver is close enough to 2.8a the nema23 can pull)
      Belts: gt2-3m x 9mm, and realllllly long
      Movement Methods: hotend moves in X and Y axes (obviously with CoreXY). The bed moves up and down the Z Axis via a Nema 23 belted up to 3 12mm lead screws. Carriages move along V-Slot 2040 linear guide rails.
      Frame: Entirely of 2040 Aluminum Extrusion with V-Slot extrusions where carriages must traverse.
      Hotend/Extruder: Still deciding, leaning between Aero Titan or V6 clone+titan clone (performance vs. cost)
      Supply Voltage: 24v, makes it easier if I want to later add more nema23's, and make a cnc attachment

      All of the purple parts in the model/images are 3D Printed plastic for cost-reduction. I tried to keep most of the framing joints metal, but started running out of budget quickly.

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    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

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    I wanted a larger 3d printer, but at a fraction of the cost of the current options out there.
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