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      I had been researching CNC routers for a few weeks, both here and other websites. After looking at MDF or Birch Ply builds, assemble yourself kits (Shapeoko), and DIY fabrications I decided they all had some short comings and strengths.

      I am going to attempt to build a machine that borrows from all of those and that will fit my needs.

      Goals are:
      24" x 48" or 48" x 48" work envelop (settled on a roughly 36" X 36" envelope with 1000mm Extrusion for the frame from Openbuilds)
      No Belts - Plan to use either rack and pinion or ball screw (Decided on Ball Screw)
      Added rigidity and strength (Added rigidity from some 60x90H Bosch Rexroth extrusion in the gantry and full width support plates in aluminum)
      Ability to do light Aluminum Milling

      My build was jump started with the find of someone's stalled project for sale locally. I am still cataloging everything I acquired but I am very pleased with the deal even if some of it does not make it into the final build.






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    Reason for this Build

    Primary reason for this build is as a creative hobby outlet for wood working, some light aluminum milling, and potentially some sign work as a side business.
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