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    1. Synths
      5 /5,
      Could you draw a wiring diagram for external drivers and the rpi cnc shield? Great build!
      1. Synths
      1. Paul Stoller
        Paul Stoller's Response
        Here is a diagram for the Pi hat I'm using. The connections should be the same as the driver sold in the parts store I believe. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/DrcAAOSwzaJX54aD/s-l1600.jpg
    2. Aussie58
      4 /5,
      Great start. You must be 'itching' to get all the bits and start machining. Mind is due to arrive as a full build 'kit' shortly - any words of wisdom? Are you a Windows or Mac person? All the best.
      1. Paul Stoller
        Paul Stoller's Response
        I am very ready to get started working on things, but getting everything budgeted is taking some time. I'm not sure I have any advice yet, the assembly of the mechanical bits was pretty straight forward if you watch through the build video once or twice. I may have other things to add once I get further along into the electronics. I'm mainly a windows guy but work in the mac world at times.
    3. cetinyasar
      4 /5,
      I like this
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