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      OpenBuilds C-Beam™ Machine Build
      CBeam Machine_Render_OpenBuilds_logo.jpg
      If your interested in purchasing a C-Beam™ Machine Parts Bundle please click here.

      Hello fellow builders! :)

      Here at OpenBuilds, we understand the need for you to have the power to create custom plates for your builds because we have the same need as well.

      CBeam Machine_Render_2.131.jpg

      So, in order to solve this problem the OpenBuilds Team set out to create an inexpensive plate making machine which is both easy to build and uses all stock OpenBuilds Parts.

      We call it the C-Beam Machine!
      More information and bundle packs available here

      CBeam Machine_Render_2.132.jpg

      Now, you have complete control over the entire process of your builds from start to finish!

      It’s not just a machine, it’s a solution! :thumbsup:
      The C-Beam machine and you - the possibilities are now limitless.

      So, jump in and when you complete this easy step by step build along, you will have an awesome 3 Axis CNC Mill to add to your workshop arsenal.
      OpenBuilds CBeam Machine_desk_1.jpg
      CBeam Machine_Render_All Views.jpg
      C-Beam Machine Specs:
      X Axis Travel 350mm - (13.5") Y Axis Travel 280mm - (11") Z Axis Travel 160mm - (6") Working depth is 1.250"


      Build Video Link Sections
      Click below for different chapters of the Video Build
      Z/X Axis
      Y Axis

      Software and Electronics Section
      First Cut Hello World

      Side Shields

      Example Aluminum Cutting

      SketchUp Model_CBeam double gantry plate idea_2.jpg
      You can download this example XY plate file here

      C-Beam XY Example Plate.zip

      Software Work Flow

      NOTE: Be sure to check out all the cool CAM programs out there to take your machine to the next level!
      Here are couple to look at to get you started Cut3D and MeshCAM as well as BobCAM

      *If your looking to use a water cooled spindle be sure to check out the 3D printed reducer ring/spindle mount adapter created by Tyler Harley
      Spindle Mount Adapter
      *Here a couple links to companies that sell 1/8th collets for the Bosch Colt Router PR20EVSK
      From the Elaire Company
      (scroll about halfway down the page and match the model number PR20EVSK)
      collets (2).JPG

      From Galaxy Products
      (scroll about halfway down the page and match the model number PR20EVSK)
      collets better price.JPG

      GALLERY Completed C-Beam Machine
      20150709_101418.jpg 20150709_101605.jpg 20150709_101616.jpg 20150709_101443.jpg 20150709_101838.jpg 20150709_101851.jpg

      GALLERY Here are a few example cuts made on the OpenBuilds C-Beam Machine prototype
      1b_sample 20150218_155407.jpg 2_sample 20150218_155424.jpg 2b_sample20150218_175243.jpg 3_sample 20150219_104554.jpg 3b_sample20150219_104611.jpg 4_sample 20150219_104827.jpg 5_sample20150304_173110.jpg 5a_sampleDSC04189.JPG 6_sampleDSC03815.JPG 7_sampleDSC03986.JPG 8_sampleDSC03988.JPG 9_sampleDSC03989.JPG 10_sampleDSC03990.JPG 11_sampleDSC04179.JPG 12_sampleDSC04181.JPG 13_sampleDSC04182.JPG 14_sampleDSC04183.JPG 15_sampleDSC04176.JPG 16_sampleDSC04188.JPG 17_sampleDSC04190.JPG 18_sampleDSC04185.JPG 19_sampleDSC04186.JPG 19a_sampleDSC04221.JPG 20_sampleDSC04187.JPG 21_sampleDSC04224.JPG
      DSC04321.JPG DSC04325.JPG DSC04324.JPG Gplot example XY plate top.jpg

      OpenBuilds CBeam Machine_desk_2.jpg
      • OPEN SOURCE - The C-Beam machine is Open Source and the Builder community is encourged to modify and build on this design.
      • EASY TO BUILD - With the V-Slot Modular Framing System and OpenBuilds 'Build a Long Videos', assembly is quick and easy.
      • AFFORDABLE - OpenBuilds budget friendly parts allow Builders the opportunity to freely create.
      • CUSTOMIZATION - Take it to the next level and make it your own! Share your builds with the Open Source Builders community OpenBuilds.com
      Grab your Bundle Pack Today and Start Your Build!
      OpenBuilds Parts Bundle_1a_small.png

      -For your convenience and ease of purchase this Build is available as a Parts Bundle-
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    We see the need for a plate making machine to allow builders to create custom plates for their builds.
    The C-Beam Machine was designed to do just that.

    Inspired by

    Desktop mill designs
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    1 C-Beam Machine Mechanical Bundle http://openbuildspartstore.com/c-beam-machine-mechanical-... Link Here you can buy the mechanical parts needed to build the C-Beam Machine
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