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      Here are a few C-Beam example actuator builds to hopefully help inspire some build ideas.
      This is by no means all that can be done with C-Beam, this is only scratching the surface of the possibilities and actually these were just a few ideas that we came up with quickly to share.
      You are encouraged to experiment/mix and match and see what combinations of OpenBuilds parts you can come up with to create awesome actuators for your projects.

      Easy to build C-beam actuators build video.

      CBeam_OpenBuilds Example Models_3.jpg

      TIP: These SketchUp models can easily be placed into your own SketchUp builds by copying and pasting them. You can open two instances of SketchUp at the same time and copy and paste from one to another!
      This makes it very easy to move models around from different saved models.


      Simple XY C-Beam™ Example
      XY C-Beam example.jpg

      Grab your Bundle Pack Today and Start Your Build!

      OpenBuilds Parts Bundle_1a_small.png
      -For your convenience and ease of purchase this Build is available as a Parts Bundle-

      Update 4-1-2015

      Version 7 4/1/2015 : Includes 2 new examples of using independent 'belt and pinion' gantry carts.
      mini plate belt and pinion.jpg mini plate belt and pinion_2.jpg
      Update: 9-28-2015
      Now available C-Beam™ Riser Plates
      C-Beam Riser 1.jpg C-Beam Riser 2.jpg
      These C-Beam Riser Plates allow you to add a thin strip of aluminum to shield the lead screw.
      More information
      1. Special Notes

        More C-Beam upgrade and accessories parts coming soon...
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

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    These example C-Beam builds were made to help inspire other builders with their own C-Beam builds.
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    1 C-Beam Linear Actuator Bundle http://openbuildspartstore.com/c-beam-linear-actuator-bun... Link This is the whole C-Beam actuator. You can also purchase the parts separately as well
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