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      This build is based on Mark Carew's OX CNC Router plans.

      The plates were sourced from Chris Laidlaw's eBay store along with the spindle mount. (Thanks Chris)

      The electronics enclosure was my first big project after getting the machine put together. It houses the guts of an ATX power supply, a cooling fan, a CNC xPro Controller V2, a transistor/relay combo to start/stop the spindle, plugs for all the steppers and limit switches, and buttons for Start, Hold, and Reset.

      I'm using a Dewalt DWP611 Compact Router for the spindle.

      I had a great time assembling the machine and now I'm figuring out all the things I can do with it.

      Please feel free to ask me any questions.

      Here are a few more pictures of the machine:

      IMG_1324.jpg IMG_1325.jpg

      Here are some pictures of the electronics enclosure:

      IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1301.jpg IMG_1298.jpg IMG_1299.jpg IMG_1297.jpg
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    Inspired by

    Mark Carew
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